TVU TM8200 TVUPack

TVUPack TM8200 represents a tremendous leap forward in mobile newsgathering, delivering the same industry-leading transmission resiliency and performance, video picture quality and sub-second latency (as low as 0.8 seconds) of a full-size backpack transmitter, but in a substantially smaller and ultra lightweight form factor. With TVU Networks TM8200, broadcasters can fully leverage the versatility that a small, lightweight IP video transmitter brings in the field without sacrificing performance, feature functionality or picture quality.

TVUPack TM8200 is the premier mobile uplink backpack transmitter featuring a rugged exterior and unique internal modular design. With the ability to transmit live video in HD, the TM8200 features a removable encoder for fixed placement in a studio or other inside setting. It also houses multiple cellular modem cards in a hard case modem module that can be easily removed and moved for optimal transmission.

The TVUPack is just one of the cellular bonding solutions we offer. In addition, Absolute Live Productions specialize in a full range of production support for Events and Live Stream Broadcasts.  We are happy to provide a free consultation service for all your Production needs.

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TVUPack TM8200 Key Features:

  • Utilizes Multiple 3G/4G/LTE Connections – TM8200 supports up to eight 3G/4G LTE, microwave, satellite, WiFi and BGAN data connections. The TM8200 simultaneously aggregates up to nine connections including Ethernet to broadcast live in SD or HD.
  • Simple One Button Setup – TVUPack goes live with just the push of a button. No manual in-field configuration is required.
    Fast Start Up– TM8200 starts up in 20 seconds from a cold start. The pack automatically establishes all available wireless connections, giving users the ability to broadcast live in no time.
  • Resilient Video Quality – TM8200 combines TVU’s proprietary IS+ advanced Forward Error Correction algorithm with TVU264, TVU’s powerful proprietary H.264 encoding engine, to enable users to maximize the bandwidth available in each network connection and transmit the most stable, reliable and resilient picture possible.
  • Low Transmission Latency – TVUPack can transmit with sub-second latency, as low as 0.8 seconds.
  • Real-time HD File Transfer – TVUPack delivers a HD quality error-free video clip in real-time without needing to wait until the clip is fully recorded. This best-of-breed store-and-forward functionality ensures that high quality video production clips can be sent to the studio for editing in as little time possible.
  • Smart VBR Technology – Using TVU’s proprietary Smart VBR technology, TVUPack automatically and dynamically manages the transmission bit rate based on a user selected latency.
  • On-Demand Video Retrieval – TM8200 features an on-board SSD hard drive capable of capturing up to 7 hours of continuous footage, ensuring that it’s safe and easily retrievable when you need it.
  • Wireless Hotspot Functionality – TVUPack becomes a wireless hotspot when connected to the Internet, enabling video crews to edit stories in the field and send the finished story back to the broadcast facility through the pack.
  • IFB – TVUPack is IFB ready, enabling news operations center to communicate directly with a camera crew or reporter.
    Dual Battery – TM8200 features two battery hot-swap, allowing the pack to operate on one battery while the other is charging.
  • Wireless Monitoring – Wirelessly monitor the status of each TVUPack including air card signal strength, battery status, etc. using any iOS or Android device.
  • TVU Social integration – Post still images seen in the camera viewfinder directly to Twitter and Facebook with the click of a button.

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