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Livestream HD550 4K Switcher

While the NewTek TriCaster TC 1 is the fully featured switcher that we use on most of our projects, the Livestream HD550 4K solves many logistical issues.  For example, it is perfect for travel gigs or any other small or moderate sized live stream production.

“It was the combination of its power combined with its portability that makes the Livestream HD550 a perfect fit for our needs.” says Dave Rosen, CEO of Absolute Live Productions. Dave continues, “Since our producers and TD’s are constantly flying around the country the trick was to have a product that can travel as carry on in the airplane’s cabin. With the HD550 you never have to wait at the baggage claim again to see if the core of your live stream production arrives down the baggage shoot.”

The HD550 comes in an easy to carry case. It also serves well as a backup unit for larger shows and productions.

Livestream Studio HD550 4K runs Livestream Studio 6 Live Production Switcher Software. The HD550 allows you to connect any type of wired camera including NDI sources and a range of wireless cameras. It allows you to stream to multiple destinations, offers powerful layered broadcast graphics which can connect to external data sources, color correction, and can stream and record in 4K. The HD550 is the only switcher with built-in multi-network bonding, allowing you to stream over multiple Ethernet, Wi-Fi or 4G/LTE network connections, increasing your bandwidth while also allowing you to create network redundancy.

Clearly the Studio HD550 is a powerful, portable machine. For alternatives switchers with even more features and source inputs, consider looking at our NewTek Tricaster TC1 page.

If you want to produce a live stream of any size, please consider hiring Absolute Live Productions for our Live Stream Production expertise.  Few live streams exist outside of Social Media Platforms and Absolute Live Productions has been advising major brands in that area since the beginning of the social media revolution. For production equipment rentals please see our Equipment Rentals page. If you need experienced crew to support your production, we offer Production Crew Services and carry a roster of tried and tested broadcast industry experienced professionals across the USA and internationally.

Livestream Studio HD550 Switcher

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