Remote Live Stream Interview Kits

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Remote Live Stream Interview Capture & Streaming

Absolute Live Productions has a fleet of over 40 portable live stream interview kits for those situations when you need to bring high quality video into your production from a remote location. Only recently we coordinated a worldwide series of virtual interviews with A-List talent for Billboard and The Hollywood Reporter. Whether you are putting together a live stream virtual roundtable discussion from around the world or a pandemic simply prevents bringing a lot of people into the same room, our portable quality live stream kits are the perfect solution. Each live stream interview kit is designed for both live streaming and live capture at the remote end. Our production equipment rental department can handle all the logistics and setup support. Each of our tech kits are color-coded for ease of use at all connections points. This allows the home-user to set up in moments.

Kit Equipment Details

At the core of each kit is a powerful laptop computer, capable of processing a quality live stream interview with the simultaneous ability to create a no loss / high quality local video and audio capture. We incorporate Samsung SSD dries to create simultaneous record at the studio as well as a local record in the remote location. We have the best Web Cameras in the industry, 4K RED cameras, Sony, Panasonic or any other high-end camera in the market. We use Zoom F1 Lavalier Audio Kits and have chosen the Apple Wireless EarPods in order that every guest has the same look. In addition the kit includes Dracast Lights & Stands, Ethernet cable runs, a SSD hard drive for local capture, and a TSA proof flight ready case that meets national and international shipping requirements.

Logistics & Support

Our system kits are standing by and located across the world for fast and easy shipping and on-site support. Current locations include Tokyo, Sidney, Miami, New York City, London, San Francisco, and Los Angeles.