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Live Stream Production Services

Absolute Live Productions – Live Stream to the World

Live Streaming has been described as the Future of Media.  What you have to say today can resonate with thousands if not millions of people across the planet with unprecedented accessibility and reach.  Absolute Live Stream Productions offers professional production team ready to work with you, whatever your broadcast goals.

Live Streaming Platforms

Over the last decade, there has been a growth of access to broadcast platforms that are optimized for on-demand streaming.  People across the world have gained an unprecedented connectivity to each other though portable and handheld devices and a global communications network of data and images.

New Pay and Subscription channels are evolving all the time.  Many channels keep it free but profit from 3rd party sponsorship and advertising.

You can be as private or public as you need to be with your Live Stream Production.  If only a select group of people need to see it, then it is quite easy to secure who can view the stream.  Want to watch the action on set but can’t be there in person?  We are receiving an increase in calls for this kind of use of Live Streaming.

Live Streaming Technology

Over the same time, production equipment technology has evolved both in manufacture and sophistication.  This now allows HD, even UHD production and live stream transmission within very reasonable budgets.

Getting hooked up to a reliable Internet data feed can be challenging.  But with our Cellular Bonding solutions, multiple cell phone signals are combined, with any available ethernet or Wi-Fi connections to create a reliable connection suitable for HD video streams.

Live Stream Productions

Your Event becomes a TV Show on the Internet

It has never been more realistic for any person, group, company, collective body to come together to produce high-quality visual media content and connect with a global audience.

There are so many niche markets out there waiting to be developed. So many opportunities to capture your share of a globally appreciative audience.


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