Remote Production Live Stream

Be on set, from anywhere in the world!  A remote production live stream from the set could be just what you need.

Now that it has become imperative for TV commercials and feature films to have the opportunity to broadcast to the account executives, brands and studios live from video village, the team at Absolute Live Productions is more than available and qualified for the task. With our cellular bonding systems, we even have a solution when Internet is simply not available.

Reinventing traditional workflows has become second nature for the team at Absolute Live Productions. We came to the realization a few years back that having the ability to live stream cameras on a traditional Hollywood production or commercial would become critical to the efficiency of a brand or studio. With budgets falling and time pressure mounting, a producer, ad agency,  PR firm or brand having the ability to be on the productions set virtually and review the  production from anywhere in the world, during content capture, is simply a no-brainer.

Remote Production Live Stream Case Study

In one example of a recent project we had the ad agency creative staff in Chicago and Manhattan both reviewing our production while it was happening at a legendary celebrities house in Los Angeles. In this particular case we were using 2 of Absolute’s Canon C300 cameras, they were running through a pair of Teradek Bolt Pro HD wireless transmitters and into a TriCaster. The TriCaster, a fully-featured integrated studio switcher designed by NewTek, was recording both sources and privately streaming a live video mix, switching between camera A and camera B to give the ad agency as well as the clients a look at both cameras. We were then able to receive real-time feedback and direction from the client as to what additional questions, shots and retakes they wanted. When the talent decided to take a 30 minute break, the ALP team was able to produce a cross continental live stream playback in order for the ad agency and client to review the captured content.

Remote Production Live Stream

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