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Since we started the live division in 2009, Absolute Live Productions (ALP) has been an enthusiastic supporter of NewTek Switchers. The TriCaster product line and their other live production products literally changed the face of professional multi-camera broadcasting. Thanks to their products, live stream broadcast equipment is now eminently sleek; meaning it is portable, powerful and affordable. NewTek, Inc. is a Texas–based hardware and software company that produces live and post-production video tools and visual imaging software for personal computers. They introduced their first TriCaster in 2005; a product that merges live video switching, broadcast graphics, virtual sets, special effects, audio mixing, recording, social media publishing and web streaming into an integrated, portable and compact appliance. NewTek introduced 3PLAY in 2009, a portable multi-channel HD/SD slow-motion replay system. Shortly thereafter, NewTek’s Skype for Broadcast solution, TalkShow, hit the market and transformed the possibilities for remote speaker integration.

NewTek’s Network Device Interface (NDI®) protocol was released in 2015. Another game changing innovation, it allows applications and devices to transport high quality, low latency video over gigabit Ethernet networks.

At ALP, our NewTek switchers range from the TriCaster 300 all the way up to the advanced edition TriCaster 8000 & Tricaster TC1. Our clients have not only come to rely on us for our equipment rentals and technical support they have also successfully trusted our team of TriCaster operators with streaming many of their live events. When your production needs a multi-source video switcher and mixer, a TriCaster rental and operator will deliver the operational hub of a professional broadcast studio.

ALP is an experienced multi-camera live stream production company and we have performed live stream services for such location and events as:

and many more.

TriCaster TC1
NewTek Switchers TriCaster

NewTek Switchers TriCaster Inventory

  • TriCaster TC1
  • NewTek NC1
  • NewTek Connect Spark
  • TriCaster 8000
  • TriCaster 8000 Advanced Edition
  • TriCaster 860
  • TriCaster Advanced Edition
  • TriCaster 455 & 460
  • TriCaster 460 Advanced Edition
  • TriCaster Mini
  • TriCaster 300

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