Cellular Bonding Systems

When the Internet is not available for your show, cellular bonding is the next best thing.  Our bonding solutions can be rented with or without one of our expert technicians.


Satelitte Media Tour – Mobile Broadcast Live

LiveU Cellular Bonded

Above is our live stream from the floor of the CES show in Las Vegas, during this two day event we were able to connect directly with the stations VIA a Live U 600 without the need of a costly Satelitte rental.  Although the Live U was tested and performed flawlessly prior to the SMT, we used the CES local internet provided on the booth for the extra security.  The cell cards remained in place as a redunent fail over should we need a seemless transition from wired to wireless.

AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile all pulling together to get you a solid reliable stream. We have successfully streamed with these systems from a ballpark in Seattle, a lake in central California, Cinerama Dome in Hollywood, a park in Vancouver and even the rain forest in Puerto Rico.

TVU Live Cellular Our Cellular Bonding Systems for rent include:

TVU TM8200

Cellular Pack

Teradek Bond

Pep Wave (2 Card)

Pep Wave (4 Card)

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