Cellular Bonding Systems

When the Internet is not available for your show, cellular bonding is the next best thing. Our bonding solutions can be rented with or without one of our expert technicians.

What is Cellular Bonding?

Cellular bonding is the technology to combine several 3G/4G/LTE modems into a single, robust Internet connection for deploying live video. In addition many devices aggregate Ethernet, WiFi and up to 5 USB cell modems to create a single, robust pipeline for delivering video from point to point. The combination of several network connections allows broadcasters to reinforce their video by sending traffic over multiple routes, repackaging at the destination with rock-solid dependability.

Cellular Bonding – Live and Mobile

Several systems are designed to be self-contained and highly portable, allowing live feeds from remote locations as well as run-and-gun live shot scenarios for news gathering. Cellular bonding is also cost effective reducing the need for expensive satellite production trucks.

Cellular Bonding – Network Bonding

Even at large events, content producers rely upon cellular bonding to complement their internet hardline, which may be unreliable. You can have several more connections to fall back on with automatic failover ensuring the live stream runs continuously and smoothly during the broadcast.

Satellite Media Tour – General Electric @ CES Las Vegas

During a two day event at CES Las Vegas we were able to connect directly with the network stations VIA a LiveU 600 without the need of more costly satellite rental.  Although the LiveU was tested and performed flawlessly prior to the SMT, we used the CES local internet provided on the booth for the extra security.  The cell cards remained in place as a redundant failover should we need a seamless transition from wired to wireless.

With cellular bonding, AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile all pull together to get you a solid reliable stream. We have successfully streamed from helicopters, a ballpark in Seattle, a lake in central California, a float on the Rose Parade, the Cinerama Dome in Hollywood, a park in Vancouver and even the rain forest in Puerto Rico.

TVU Live Cellular

Cellular Bonding System Rentals

Our Cellular Bonding Systems for rent include:

  • TVU TM8200 Cellular Pack
  • LiveU LU600
  • Teradek Bond
  • Peplink MAX HD2 Router
  • Peplink MAX HD4 Router
Satellite Media Tour LiveU Cellular Bonded
Our live stream from the floor of the CES show in Las Vegas.

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