Sporting Event Live Stream

Absolute Live Productions has been involved in Sporting Event Live Stream productions since its inception.

We have live streamed and broadcast professional tournaments and collegiate matches across the country including Muy Thai, Lacrosse, Football, Golf, Basketball, Cycling, Archery, Dressage and Badminton. Our live production packages can range in size to meet any broadcast needs.

Below is a list of our sports-related services:

Live Stream

  • On Screen Twitter Remarks
  • SloMotion Replay
  • On Screen Score Board
  • On Sight Photo Streams
  • Jib systems
  • “Over The Action” Drone Flights
  • Pre Show & Post Show Talk Shows
  • Pre Show & Post Show Interviews
  • On Screen Skype Guests


  • Big Screen Broadcast
  • Motion Graphics
  • Sports Team Logos
  • Brand / Sponsor Logos
  • Pre Recorded Player Interviews
  • Pre Recorded Fan Interviews
  • Player Profile Videos


  • Professional Announcer Systems
  • Interview Systems
  • Walkie / Radios
  • Branded Mic Flags
  • Sound Effects
  • Music
Sporting Event Live Stream

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