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Absolute Live Productions is a specialist for location live stream broadcast events and tournaments.  In 2015, we were proud to sponsor the Recording Industry Annual Golf Tournament and broadcast a live stream from this annual charity fundraising event.

As most of us have come to realize over the past few years, live streaming has become an integral part of our social fabric. For the 2015 Recording Industry golf tournament, with the live stream sponsorship from Absolute Live Productions we included a live streaming element to the event for the very first time.  We brought to the event a professional multi-camera, TriCaster switched live stream.  Broadcast from the six hole (Hyundai hole in one car give away) at Mountain Gate.  Out in the field, far away from any ethernet connections, we still provided HD quality location live stream broadcast.  Thanks to the TVU Networks TM8200 HD wireless cellular backpack.

We had the chance to catch up with Dave Rosen the CEO of Absolute Live Productions:

What are the advantages of live streaming a charity golf tournament?

First off you must understand that I’m a golfer, and I’ve played in this particular tournament a number of times over the past several years. The thing that always strikes me during tournament play, is it is very exciting the early part of the day to see all my old friends in the recording industry, and after the shotgun start I lose track of them until the very end of the game. With live streaming golf we will have the opportunity to catch up and look at the scores throughout the entire game. This will allow the golfers on the course to be able to know what their opponents score is in real time. We will also get a chance to meet the players and hear what they have to say about the day, the course play, each other as well as the charity that were all mutually supporting.

This live stream provided additional value to participants and remote viewers, which also helped to draw attention to event sponsors like Hyundai.

If you are interested in live streaming one of your own events contact Dave Rosen at Absolute Live Productions 310 560 2373 or submit your request for more information.

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