Press Conference Live Stream

If you are putting together a Press Conference Live Stream, Absolute Live Productions has the experience and know-how to deliver all the technical aspects required for a single stream to social media platforms or a multi-network satellite media tour (SMT).  Our production team is well versed in all aspects of the live stream and SMT delivery process. We also handle staging and audiovisual requirements for live events, such as sound reinforcement, IMAG or presentation LCD screens.

Since the live stream division of the company was created in 2009, a major part of our business has been news gathering. Our SMT services, live shot services, cellular bonding systems, live stream production and social media experience have been invaluable to dozens of major brands and public figures in getting their messages across.

Using state-of-the-art equipment, we ensure that sound quality, shot framing, lighting, background staging do not distract from the message. We work with your press team to handle social media platform issues, we can add live graphics or lower thirds to the video and enable real-time response to viewer comments and can integrate remote speakers and location live shots.

Press Conference Live Stream
Eric Garcetti, Major of Los Angeles, speaking at a UCLA

Press Conference Services

  • Multi-Camera Live Stream
  • Streaming to Facebook Live
  • Satellite and Cellular Bonded Solutions

  • WiFi Networks
  • Professional on-screen Skype integration
  • Live in-room Skype guests on screen

Full Audio Services

  • Microphones
  • In Ear Foldback
  • Walkies
  • Mixing Services
  • Press Pool Feeds
  • Speakers

Video Services

  • Cameras
  • IMAG
  • Monitors
  • Led Screens
  • Video Playback
  • Video Pool Feed


  • Spot Lights
  • Room Lights
  • Interview Lighting


  • Plexiglas
  • Wood

Facebook Live Stream

Social media platforms are increasingly the target of official announcements or a press conference. At Absolute Live Productions we have been streaming to Facebook since the feature’s introduction in 2016 and have expertise streaming to multiple platforms simultaneously.

Live Streaming on Facebook

ALP Services