Quality Live Streams for Social and News Media

With the ever-growing expansion of social media and the importance of having a quality live stream presence on Facebook and YouTube, Absolute Live Productions has been busier than ever. When we started the company, it never dawned on us that we were a news service. The plans for the company, way back in 2012, were to service brands and agencies for their live experiential events. Our focus was on concerts and charity events, alumni organizations, and movie premieres. Since that time, we have found ourselves producing press conferences, live shots, satellite media tours, and cellular media tours.

Press Conferences

It was in the early days of Facebook live streaming that the team at Absolute Live Productions was asked to send a live stream from a press conference. At the time, you could only stream to Facebook through an iPhone. The client was The Laundry Service; they were deeply involved in bringing what was planned to be the 2024 Olympics to Los Angeles. The press conference was set up in one of the ballrooms on the UCLA campus. There were several Olympic organizers on-site as well as then-Mayor Eric Garcetti.

IOS Streaming News
Press Conference Live Stream

When we arrived in the morning, we were asked to take our place with all of the other major news outlets up on the press riser. There were several other outlets covering the event, most of them utilizing large-frame broadcast cameras. There we were, front row with our iPhone clamped to a C-stand with an attached audio input device pulling a feed directly from the press audio box. Other than a few odd looks from the local and major media, the live stream went off without a hitch. In the months and years that followed, we continued to stream every press conference for the 2024 Olympic bid. As Facebook technology improved, we became more creative and daring in what we were producing in partnership with The Laundry Service. We created a talk show live set overlooking the Santa Monica pier at a restaurant called the Lobster House. We even strapped technical director Dan Swerdlove to a Rose Parade Float, mounted a JVC pan tilt zoom camera to the top, added a TVU Cellular Mobile Solution, and sent him down Colorado Blvd. Since those early days of Facebook Live, we have created live-stream news coverage for Al Gore and Mayor Veriagosa on behalf of The Sierra Club, partnered on a broadcast of a Mayoral debate for local cable, covered the memorial of the victims of an SF plane crash, and even a live event with Greta Thunberg in front of city hall.

Super Tuesday News Coverage
Joe Biden Live Stream Super Tuesdays

Cellular Bonding changes the shape of news gathering

As time went by, Absolute Live Productions’ reputation grew for covering news and news-related events. Our knowledge of producing Live Shots and Satellite Media Tours, with the help of our access to several TVU & LiveU newsgathering cellular broadcast systems, made us a one-stop solution for news media outlets around the world. We were asked to travel to San Luis Obispo to produce a remote live shot with Devon Nunes, create an SMT on behalf of General Electric at CES, shoot and transmit Live Hits from the Red Carpet (Blue Carpet) at the BET Awards and manage remote coverage for a major network for the Academy Awards.

Joe Biden Super Tuesday Press Conference

Most recently, we were recommended and hired for a live stream for the Joe Biden super Tuesday press conference, with almost 60 news organizations all vying for their spot on the press riser. Due to the unpredictable nature of election night coverage combined with the short-notice event, this live stream had all of our equipment up on the press riser.  Fortunately, we were using Livestream HD 550, which allowed us to have a single streaming unit without having to bring additional monitors or encoders. Our stream went straight to Restream, and then the Biden team took it from there, sending our signal directly to the Joe Biden Facebook page.

Live Shot Services

Although Absolute Live Productions will continue to work with Brands and Agencies, we are genuinely excited to remain active in the news coverage space. Our Live Shot Services will stay at the forefront of our future production plans.

Whether we are covering a live event out in the field or using our in-house Burbank based equipment to bring guests into studios around the world, the team at ALP will be thrilled to be there when history is made.

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