Beauty Pageant Live Stream

Beauty Pageant Live Stream

When producing a Beauty Pageant Live Stream there are so many important decisions.  Each decision will affect the way your beauty pageant is received by the home audience.  Our experienced production crew will be happy to answer your questions and become partners in the planning process.pull-quote-dark-close

Here are some of the many technical factors you must consider when planning for your event.

Pay Per View Live Stream

Free Live Stream

Internet Connectivity

Production Sound & Audio

Production Lighting

Social Media & Remote Audience Engagement

Whether you are ready to pull the trigger for an upcoming show or simply would like to get an idea of what some future event might look like, our team of production professionals would love to assist you with these details.pull-quote-dark-close

Absolute Live Productions can handle virtually all aspects of your pageant or event.

Call, chat or email us today.

We will be happy to put together a comprehensive show budget for you.

Our resources to produce a beauty pageant or other event include:

Live stream

  • Multicamera Live Streaming
  • On Screen Twitter
  • Pre Show Video Roll-ins
  • Skype In a VIP from anywhere in the world
  • Live Sub Clipping for Social Media Feed


  • I-Mag Services (On Screen Live Video)
  • Skype In a VIP and play them live on screen
  • Pre Packaged Interviews
  • Behind the Scenes Videos
  • Post Show Interviews
  • Post Show Fan Testimonials


  • Complete Audio Services for the Show
  • Venue Audio Systems
  • Microphones
  • Multi-Channel Pro Tools Audio Back Up Recording
  • Pre Show Music Playback
  • Music Licensing


  • On Site Consultation with our Lighting Director
  • Complete Lighting Package
  • Interview Lighting

Pay Per View Platform

  • Custom Branded Platform
  • Marketing Campaign for Ticket Sales
  • Affiliate Sales Funnel