NewTek NC1 Studio I/O

NewTek‘s NC1 Studio I/O Module is the bridge to your NDI infrastructure. Able to translate up to eight channels of SDI video (two channels in UHD 4K), this NC1 module can be set up anywhere across your network to transmit and receive SD, HD, or UHD video in a studio environment. Eight mini BNC terminals can connect to video sources, audio sources, decks, or monitors, and can each be configured for input or output. Since the module only needs to attach to your network, you can deploy multiple modules in different locations inside your network, instantly integrating that location into your production. Multiview video can also be locally displayed via HDMI or DVI. This unit mounts in a standard 19″ equipment rack, so you can add more units for a greater number of inputs and outputs at a given location.

  • 8-Channel NDI Video I/O
  • SDI, Streaming, and NDI Video
  • Each Connection Can be Input or Output
  • Supports Quad-Link for UHD 4K up to 60p
  • Expands NDI Video Network
  • Multiview Outputs
  • Mounts in 19″ Standard Equipment Rack
Newtek NC1

Quick Features

Translate up to eight SDI or IP video sources to NDI, and deliver to the network from any location
Configurable to accept up to two UHD 4K sources up to 60 fps with quad-link SDI
Mix and match sources, including SDI input devices, as well as RTMP, RTSP, and HTTP streams
Integrate with compatible systems and devices across your network for switching, streaming, display, and delivery
Stack modules in a single location or station in multiple locations to meet the demands of your productions
Built-in video server function with extensive file format support, including full-resolution UHD 4K playback
Real-time input, conversion, and transmission of common IP video stream formats, including RTMP, RTSP, and HTTP
Flexible audio integration supporting input and delivery of digital, analog and network audio, including Dante and AES67

Note: Dante and AES67 require separately available virtual sound card licenses

Dedicated multiviewer with selectable workspace layouts and customizable viewports
Precision color calibration with independently configurable color correction tools and integrated waveform and vectorscope
Native-resolution recording to external or network attached storage for archive and post-production
Remote control and monitoring from the web browser of any networked device, including iOS and Android devices

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