Blackmagic Teranex AV

Teranex AV is the world’s first real time SD, HD and Ultra HD broadcast standards converter designed specifically for audio visual professionals working on live staged presentations and conferences!  You get 1089 super low latency up, down, cross and standards conversions in full 10-bit quality!  Teranex AV has professional 12G-SDI and HDMI 2.0a connections with loop through, a built in still store, freeze frame and patented Teranex conversion algorithms as well as noise reduction, optical quality scaling and more.

Teranex AV

HDMI and SDI Conversions

With Teranex AV you can perform HDMI to SDI conversions without external adapters!  You get HDMI input, loop through and outputs that make it flexible enough to use in any AV environment.  Teranex AV lets you connect a laptop computer via HDMI and loop the unconverted HDMI out to a big screen projector while simultaneously converting and sending the signal to SDI equipment like decks and monitors!

Broadcast Connections

Teranex AV features the latest 12G-SDI and HDMI input, loop thru and output connections, making it compatible with all of your existing video equipment and computers.  You also get two XLR inputs along with consumer HiFi connections so you can convert audio from other sources.  Teranex AV even supports Quad and Dual link SDI for compatibility with older Ultra HD equipment and multi screen video walls.

Aspect Ratio and Color Correction

Now you can quickly and easily correct color, convert formats or change aspect ratio! Teranex AV features a logically designed front panel and soft menus so you can adjust luminance, saturation, hue, black level, R-Y/B-Y color difference, sharpness, and more with the built in proc amp controls.  The integrated LCD screen helps you make adjustments with confidence, even during live broadcasts!

Professional AV Features

Teranex AV offers incredible low latency that’s as low as 67 milliseconds! That means you can convert any HDMI or SDI video format instantaneously and output it in a difference format for projection in perfect sync with the live presentation! You also get a a still store that lets you instantly switch to saved logos between presenters and a live freeze frame to hold the image on screen so you can make changes in the background!

Production Equipment