Jimmy Jib & Motion Camera

Absolute Live Productions has a nationwide inventory of Jimmy Jib cranes as well as a roster of skilled crew to operate them. If you need a Jib in Los Angeles, Texas, or even Washington DC, the team at Absolute Live Productions is here to make you production look fantastic. Our Jib Operators and Jib Technicians are some of the best in the industry as well as having a professional work ethic and bringing a positive attitude to any project.

In addition we offer a range of other options in our “Motion Camera Department”

  • Dana Dollys
  • Steadicam Systems
  • Automated Robo-cams

Jimmy Jib Configuration

Our Jimmy Jibs can be assembled in multiple configurations, from 6 feet to 40 feet and can hold film and broadcast cameras up to 50lbs.

Each configuration comes complete with the remote head system, controllers, HD video monitor, remote lens control for almost any lens (ENG, LANC, EF, and PL / Cine), and a remote follow-focus. We can also provide jib tracks (straight and curved), custom dollies (studio and off-road), and custom mounts (for vehicles and truss).

More about the Jimmy Jib

Whenever budget allows, Absolute Live Productions recommends the use of a jib for live stream production simply because of the amazing boost in the overall quality of the broadcast you get from Jimmy Jib shots. Our own Jib is manufactured by Stanton Video Services | The Original Jimmy Jib.

A jib is useful for getting high shots, or shots which need to move a great distance horizontally or vertically, without the expense and safety issues of putting a camera operator on a crane for a crane shot or laying track for a camera dolly. A jib can even be mounted on a dolly for shots in which the camera moves over obstacles such as furniture, when a normal dolly shot could not be used.

Since the camera operator is often not able to use the camera’s controls directly or look through the camera’s viewfinder, a jib is often used in conjunction with a remote camera control for focus and zoom and with a portable video monitor.

A device known as a “hot head” or “remote head” is attached to the camera end of larger jibs. It supports the camera and enables remote pan/tilt functions with focus/zoom control. This setup can be operated by one person, or the circumstance may require two operators. In a two-operator situation, one person operates the jib arm/boom while another operates the pan/tilt/zoom functions of the remote head.

Live stream outdoor events with Jimmy Jib

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