Live Sound Recording, Mixing, Reinforcement

For over 20 years Absolute Live Productions has been recording concerts and events and providing live sound mixing and reinforcement. Our custom configured systems are available either as a rental or as a complete production package. Front-of-house, backline, whether at a giant stage in Las Vegas or an off the map underground warehouse, Absolute Live Productions has you covered. In addition, we provide IMAG, LED walls, video monitors, graphics, media playback, live stream production, DTP and social media services.

Our previous clients include

Cat Stevens
John Fogerty
Stevie Wonder
Ka (Live In Vegas Record)
Beatles Love (Live In Vegas)
Sergio Mendes
Snoop Dogg
Kanye West
Empire of the Sun
Falling in Reverse
The Boiler Room

Call one of our production coordinators today to assist you with a specific rental or booking an entire live sound recording/reinforcement package.

Live Sound Mixer

ALP Services

Our live sound packages and equipment can include:

Sound Engineers and Audiovisual Crew

We have an international roster of tried and tested industry experienced professionals ready to work with you on productions of any size. Our Production Crew Services simplify the process of hiring talent.

Live Sound Mixing

Audio Recording Devices

  • Sound Devices 788T
  • Zaxcom DEVA 16
  • Aaton Cantar-X
  • Pro Tools Systems
  • Call to discuss your specific needs

Speakers & Amps

  • JBL EON610 10″ Two-Way Multipurpose Self-Powered
  • QSC K12 Active Loudspeaker
  • Speaker Arrays
  • Backline
  • Call to discuss your specific needs

Microphone Systems

  • Shure ULX-D Wireless ULXD2/K8B, ULXD2/SM58
  • Shotgun Microphones
  • Modular Microphones
  • Lavalier Microphones
  • Call to discuss your specific needs

For a comprehensive list of equipment, be sure to check out our Equipment Rentals page or our sister site Absolute Rentals.

Production Equipment