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TVU 8200 – More then cellular streaming.

TVU 8200 – More then just cellular streaming

When Absolute Live Productions got booked on the Boiler Rooms’ 5th Birthday needless to say,  we were thrilled. Our location in Los Angeles was one of 5 cities around the world.   BR has such a sizable global audience and the notable DJ line up for the nights event was proving to be nothing less then spectacular.  As is most often the case, the team at Boiler Room found an underground, off the map, warehouse location.  Internet was not an option.     Fortunately the ALP team already new how to deal with this sanario, we grabbed our TVU 8200 pack to manage the stream.

Most of the time the TVU Pack 8200 is associated with bringing a high bandwidth live streaming using only cellular bonded cards.   In this case we decided to take advantage of the fact that the TVU 8200 does an on board hi resolution back up record.   In the 5 years that Absolute Live Productions has been performing live streams we never actually put much thought into the TVU back up.  We simply recognized that the back up was there and never gave much more thought to it than that.   However on this night, we were using a rented Aja Ki Pro drive for our show record.   Once we were into our second drive, we had drive corruption during the record.   The drive simply stopped recording and we were unable to recover the drive.  Even if we were able to recover the footage after a costly restoration project, we still would not have  been able to record the rest of the show.    Boiler Room Live Stream

Having never actually used the TVU 8200 as a back up device, our team was a little concerned as to whether we had a usable archive of the event.  Since the TVU 8200 does not require the packs user to enable the record, we were in a potential grey area as to our shows condition.    

Once we returned to Absolute Live Productions offices we immediately connected the TVU 8200 to the receiver.   After only a relatively short window of time we began our download.  One hour later we had our entire show safely backed-up on a back-up drive.   Our client got their delivery early the next morning and this show was wrapped with a huge plus for both Absolute & the TVU.