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Hollywood & Highland | Production crew taking a breakAbsolute Live Productions is a leading resource across North America for professional live streaming production services and location live shots for major brands, agencies, TV, Film and eSports companies, sports promoters as well as all types of businesses looking to reach a global audience through social media, online streaming platforms and live events. We offer production support in nearly every area, with our roster of talented, industry hardened crew, one of our cornerstone services.

“A production company is only as good as its crew”, says Dave Rosen CEO of Absolute. Rosen continues, “Since the early days of live streaming in 2009, we have been involved in projects with some of the biggest names in entertainment, social media, sports and consumer goods. We not only support these projects with crew, we have a warehouse full of live streaming and production equipment. Our gear is also made available to support clients and offer it as rentals to other production companies in need of quality streaming equipment”.

“You only get one chance to get it right”

Absolute has supplied its Live Stream Crews for major eSports live streams, Showtime‘s Mayweather vs McGregor Press Conferences, Talk The Thrones (Official After Show For Game of Thrones) HBO’s Insecure to name a few.  In each of these projects we were not the primary production company,  we supplied key members of the production team that specialize in the live element of production.  It is one thing to know lights & cameras, it is something completely different to understand the complexities of putting on multi camera live production.


We supply Live Stream Crews in every position from Jib Operators, 3Play Operators (Slo-Motion), EIC’s (Engineer in Charge), TD (Technical Directors), Playback Pro Operators, Graphics Operators (Expression) A1 & A2 (Audio Mixer & Audio Assistant) Broadcast Utilities and more. Our crew members have been hired to replace an existing crew member for the day or an entire season.  Many times when we take on a new position we send the paid crew member as well as a “shadow back up”. This allows a seamless transition in the event one of our crew members is not available for a Talkshow crew | Technical Director | Audiosubsequent gig.  Most of our crew that works on ESports are not only Video & Production professionals, they are also huge fans of the games themselves and it’s just one more reason why they love their job.

Talk The Thrones

This project was a hybrid between our team and the existing team that was already in place. For this project we supplied an EIC, EIC Assistant TD, A1, PTZ Cam Op. The existing production company offered the Director, Stage Manager, Lighting Technician, Make Up Artist, Talent, Producers and the Graphic Designer.  It was Absolute Live Productions job to design the control room and the live streaming workflow. ALP was responsible for re-cabling the existing equipment, installing the ULX-D wireless lav system, mixing consoles, as well as installing a two TriCaster (Primary & back up) system, 20 in Black Magic Router, dual Teradeks, and KVM to switch monitors in the event of going to back up. During the show, ALP was responsible for switching the cameras, role in videos and adding the graphics, micing the talent and mixing the audio, painting and adjusting the PTZ cameras, testing & checking the stream itself and pretty much everything else that has to do with the practical production of the broadcast.

Live shot crew | McGregor Mayweather Press ConferenceMayweather vs McGregor Press Conferences

This project was three days in three locations in Las Vegas.  It was made up of, super early morning call times and critical live times. This meant that every member of our Live Stream Crew had to be performing at 110% as professionals skilled and capable to team up and dance with the client’s needs and production vision. The client was already very skilled at producing live streams as they had already been on tour for this fight over the past few months and ALP was called in due to the fact the size and scope of the project had increased. The Press conferences, consisted of a 4 talent talk show that lasted 15 minutes then threw immediately to the press conference cameras, and back to the 4-talent show. In designing the needs for this project, we chose a team that could be multiverse in any position they were needed.  As an example, the graphics operator for this project works as a A1 & TD for other past projects, our TD for this project is an EIC & Director for ESPN projects, one of our camera operators for the press conferences not only can handle IT Support but is a Streaming engineer & a Jib Op as well , and lastly our Stage manager on this Las Vegas based gig works as  a A1 and has recently finish a one year contract with Yahoo as an eSports producer.  Being you get only one chance to get it right, ALP demands this level of diversity in its streaming crew. With the client’s competence combined with the Absolute Live Productions team who was brought in as the additional streaming support, this stream was not only a pleasure to be part of, but it came off without a hitch.

Live Stream Crews

If you are producing a live stream production and need a company that can handle every aspect of your show, or if you already have a team in place and simply want to add professionals to get the job done right, look no further then Absolute Live Productions.  You will thank yourself for making the Absolute right decision.