Media Playback for Live Events

A professional media playback server allows your event to display videos and stills on screens seamlessly at precisely the right time. Whether we are feeding screens in the lobby of a concert venue, LED screens on stage, or even a 4K projector, our AV Live Event Production department has the tools and personnel to get the job done.

PlaybackPro Plus (Professional Media Playback)

DT Videolabs PlaybackPro Plus is the premier professional system providing high-definition, nonlinear video playback.  With its mixer for crossfades, direct cuts between clips, and support for still images it will enhance and simplify the workflow of any live event requiring playback.  With PlaybackPro gone are the days when you needed DDRs, DVD players and video tape machines to produce a live broadcast at your event.

On Tour with Stevie Wonder

ALP has provided technical services for Stevie Wonder concerts on many occasions. Most recently, we fed IMAG screens with video and stills synchronized to the music using a laptop running PlaybackPro software. Two members of our team toured with Stevie Wonder across the USA, provided ongoing video editing and graphic design services, while co-ordinating with venue technical services and front-of-house personnel to relay important messages from Stevie to his fans on the night.

Media Playback
Stevie Wonder Song Party at the Park, Las Vegas.

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