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“Viva Vampira- A Celebration of Gothic Femininity: Extended by Popular Demand”

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“Viva Vampira- A Celebration of Gothic Femininity: Extended by Popular Demand”
By Vanessa Haney (August 02, 2012)

Jonny Coffin and Kat Von D were thrilled by the out pouring of support and interest in
their Vampira exhibit which recently was extended by popular demand. On June 15 th 2012, Absolute
Live Productions had the privilege to work with Jonny Coffin and Kat Von D on “Viva Vampira” the
opening of an art gallery dedicated to the late horror hostess. The event was held at Kat Von D’s
Wonderland and allowed guests a peek at the private and public life of the creator of the goth genre and
style. Art lovers, fans, and novices alike were treated to Jonny Coffin, of Coffin Cases Inc’s, private
collection of Vampira photographs, newspaper articles, and possessions; some of which had never been
seen by the public. Jonny had participated in a documentary about the late actress’s life which was
screening the following evening at the Los Angeles Film Festival. The film documented Vampira’s rise to
stardom and the demons that chased her along the way. He and the director of the film had poured
through Maila Vampira Nurmi’s personal journals, newspaper articles and even had the opportunity to
spend ample time interviewing the starlet before her death in 2008. The gallery and film are homage’s
to the woman who paved the path for strong females to embrace the macabre. With the aid of Absolute
Live Productions, Coffin and Von D were able to pull in crowds in the tens of thousands both in person
and via the internet thus extending the exhibit’s showing through Halloween due to an out pouring of
support and popularity.

“Viva Vampira” was a huge success for Absolute Live Productions and pulled in a record number
of viewers. Absolute Live is a production company that specializes in live streaming and travels around
the world broadcasting large events directly to the internet for public viewings. They offer packages as
well as singular items and crew for red carpets, high profile fights, concerts, healing seminars and the
like. For this event the company provided three camera coverage of; the lines outside of the venue,
floor interviews, celebrity and VIP interviews, along with general coverage of the art, historic items and
crafted gifts around the museum. The Production Company also included a Teradek Bond with one of
the camera packages which allowed them to travel around the floor of the gallery doing interviews
with fans. The coverage was wirelessly fed from the Bond through a self created wifi hot spot to the
Tricaster for streaming to the internet without inhibiting the paths of gallery patrons. It’s just one of the
many fancy set-ups Absolute Live has at their disposal to make any event go off without a hitch. “Viva
Vampira” was the company’s first job with Jonny Coffin, but he was more than impressed and after the
event said of Absolute Live, “You’re awesome!!! Let’s do it again!!!”

Jonny Coffin, the founder of the gallery, is a sinister character you may recognize from some
celebrity fashion shows hosted by lords of darkness Alice Cooper or Megadeath. If you don’t know him
you definitely know his line of designer cases for guitars, bases and purses all in the shape of coffins.
Celebrities like Slash and Jonny Depp have purchased versions of the coffin shaped containers for their
priceless instruments. If you’re putting on a creepy event and are in need of a host, model, or ambiance
Jonny Coffin can supply the ghouls: jonny@coffincase.com.

The back drop for Jonny Coffin’s Vampira exhibit was the fascinating and morbid Kat Von D’s
Wonderland located next door to High Voltage Tattoo in West Hollywood, California. It’s a store and
exhibition space dedicated to the bizarre and dark. The store is filled with clothing designed by Kat
herself as well as handmade jewelry, purses, mysterious nick-nacks, and designer shoes that cater to
the edgy and goth crowed. Much of the store contains items available for purchase and serves as an
excellent venue for the Vampira exhibition as well as many other unique art showings. Prior to this

exhibit Kat had housed a female driven art show that show cased new and known artists from the area.
Wonderland has in house employees and curators that specialize in turning an art exhibit into a creative
experience. If you are interested in holding your own showing or would like to rent the space contact

“Viva Vampira” will be open through Halloween at Kat Von D’s Wonderland and has revolving
exhibits, courtesy of Mr. Coffin, that frequently change to liven up the showing. There is no entry fee
and the gallery is open every day from 12PM to 8PM. Stop by for a dark and delightful good time or visit
the website http://www.wonderlandla.net/. For more information about Live Productions and how to
set up your own internet stream visit http://absoluteliveproductions.com/ , http://www.facebook.com/
AbsoluteLiveProductions or call 818-842-7966.