Star Citizen PAX East | Live Stream

Absolute Live Productions would like to congratulate and thank CLOUD IMPERIUM GAMES and ROBERTS SPACE INDUSTRIES on allowing us to be a part of their wildly successful live stream event, Star Citizen PAX East in Boston Massachusetts! Hosted by CLOUD IMPERIUM GAMES founder and CEO, Chris Roberts gave the crowd at the packed Royle nightclub a sneak peak of Star Citizen’s latest alpha module: Dogfighting! Being a space simulator, it was important for Chris and his team to nail one of the core fantasies of any science-fiction fan: jumping in the cockpit of a star fighter, flipping your helmet (Chris’s own personal addition for this module and an event fan favorite) and gliding through the stars in zero-G while blasting bogies with a mixture of lasers, missiles, and gatling gun fire.

GIG Boston Star Citizen PAX East

Star Citizen PAX East

Being as the game is still in the earliest stages of development, CLOUD IMPERIUM GAMES, anticipating the possibility of some glitches along the way, opened the event with a short documentary about the companies lead up to the event. CLOUD IMPERIUM GAMES came in ready to bare everything, warts and all, in front of a packed house and even larger online audience.  Despite a few technical hiccups, the crowd was ecstatic to see the game in action. Fans and supporters of the game completely who came down to THE ROYALE understood what CLOUD IMPERIUM GAMES was doing by pulling back the curtains on their game this early, and were not only forgiving of the game’s unpolished nature, but genuinely entertained by STAR CITIZEN’S rough edges. And with the help of us here at ABSOLUTE LIVE PRODUCTIONS, an additional 25,000 viewers were able join in the fun live through the ROBERTS SPACE INDUSTRIES live stream on the worlds largest online streaming site dedicated to games and the people who play them.

 CLOUD IMPERIUM GAMES and their in-game fictional counterpart, ROBERTS SPACE INDUSTRIES, are committed to bringing their supporters into the development process, and it was our absolute pleasure here at ABSOLUTE LIVE PRODUCTIONS to provide them with a live stream as they unveiled the incredible work they’ve put into STAR CITIZEN.


Star Citizen PAX East