Remote Live Interview Kits

Flypack Tutorial
Absolute Live Productions has a fleet of over 40 remote live interview kits. Each one designed specifically to bring high quality remote video capture. Our workflow was designed for both live streaming and live capture from remote end. When ALP creates a project, we handle everything. Each of our tech kits are color-coded for ease of use at all connections points. This allows the home-user to set up in moments. We incorporate Samsung SSD dries to create simultaneous record at the studio as well as a local record in the remote location. We have the best Web Cameras in the industry, 4K RED cameras, Sony, Panasonic or any other high-end camera in the market. We use Zoom F1 Lavalier Audio Kits and have chosen the Apple Wireless EarPods in order that every guest has the same look.

Our systems are currently located across the world, in cities such as Tokyo, Sidney, Miami, New York City, London, San Francisco, and Los Angeles.