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Production Sound Packages

Production Sound Packages

Production Sound Packages

Our team of professional sound personnel can benefit events of any size and type. We can achieve the highest quality sound possible for your live stream broadcast or on location event, whether it is a concert, press conference, presentation, or any other live event, in any size venue with any number of sound sources. Our production sound packages include professional broadcast equipment from many of the most well-known and trusted products in the industry.

Experienced audio professionals have the technical expertise to provide reliable and high quality audio, while also having the creative talent to make your mixes come alive, pop and sound incredible online. Members of our audio team have worked on some of the highest grossing films, tv shows, and albums of all time. We can assist you in putting together the right audio systems to meet your needs and achieve excellent results.

We can also provide a high quality multi-track recording which will allow for post-production remixing and sweetening if desired.

Live Sound Recording

Our Live Sound Recording Division goes back to the very roots of our company.  We have been producing Live concert recordings for over 20 years. The most exciting element continuing in advancing and live audio production all the new and emerging technology.  Whether the requirements are a single person on stage or an entire concert production, Absolute Live Productions has both the personnel and equipment to bring a professional quality audio experience and record each time and every time.


  • Stereo Live Stream mixes
  • Multitrack Audio Recording and archiving
  • In Venue Front of House and Monitor Mixing
  • Audio system configuration, design, and troubleshooting
  • Pro Tools technical support


  • Music concerts
  • Press Conferences
  • Presentations
  • Festivals, Conferences, and Conventions
  • Webcasting shows
  • Meetings and Webinars

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