Post Production Audio

Absolute Live Productions has created a unique workspace and business model. After 30 years in the audio post-production industry, CEO Dave Rosen has once again created an amazing audio post-production environment.  We have fashioned our business model around the talent we attract,  combined with our clients need to be in a facility that is located at an exact location to their liking.

At the core of our services is a team of audio post industry professionals that have years of experience and a background that will be a perfect fit for any post audio project. Our ADR rooms, Mix stages, portable mix stages, edit rooms can be set up on any side of town or at any facility.

We have been building portable facilities for years, comments Dave Rosen, Our custom designed pre-dub rooms have been used by James Cameron, Michael Man, Jerry Bruckheimer, and Paul Thomas Anderson to name a few.  We have strategically aligned ourselves with some of the best permanent dubbing facilities, across Los Angeles in order to offer a first-rate facility will still have the ability to remain competitive in our pricing.

Services Include:

Promo Mixing –  Our Lead Editor / Mixer for this department spent over 12 years at NBC’s multiple promo departments as an Audio Mixer and Post Supervisor, where prior to NBC’s consolidation of post audio to the east coast facilities, he designed and helped launch NBC Post Productions Department with 9 edit bays featuring state of the art Avid components and the latest technology to service all of NBC’s cable properties.

Stereo and 5.1 mixing and sound design for all network-related advertising campaigns for use both on-air and Online

Multi-Language Mixing (Localization services)