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Pro Skype Stream Integration

As of 11/11/18 this page is here as a legacy information page only.

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NewTek TalkShow is taking the broadcast world by storm.

Every few years a product hits the video production market and seems to redefine the very workflow that was considered the industry standard.  This year is no different.   NewTek’s Talkshow (VS100) is going to revolutionize the way broadcast production is done.

My technical directors at Absolute Live Productions have been using Skype as a critical part of our on going production requirement to connect with talent and guests from remote locations for years.  We managed to use a combination of direct boxes and DVI to HDSDI convertors  on a laptop in order to complete the function. This was passable to deliver an image from the remote location to the studio, but it lacked the ability to broadcast an HDSDI program feed back to the offsite location.  Needless to say,  creating a professional mix minus was also very challenging. There have been other Skype workflow solutions that the Absolute Live team has developed over the years. Although each of these workflows have worked for our specific shows,  they have proven to fall short in the long run.  Driver & Software updates have chipped away at the effectiveness of maintaining a reliable Skype broadcast solution.

Last week Absolute Live took delivery of its first NewTek Talkshow (VS100).  We are thoroughly excited to add this new Skype broadcast technology to our inventory.  This device will allow us to settle on a permanent Skype solution.

NewTek TalkShow

NewTek TalkShow (VS100) – Professional Skype Integration with your HD live stream

If you are interested in a production that utilizes a Skype broadcast tool, we have four different ways for you to integrate with this technology:

1. Rent the NewTek TalkShow VS100 from Absolute Rentals 
We can ship anywhere in the United States either overnight or often same day service, through South West Airline Cargo.

2. Incorporate Skype into your live stream project with ALP Live Stream Production Services.  
Absolute Live can perform a complete live broadcast and include Skype in the production package. With this technology we can integrate your off-site Skype guest.  www.absoluteliveproductions.com

3. Join us at our Green Screen Burbank Studio
Our studio has all of the tools for creating a professional live stream. We can either create or integrate your pre-existing virtual sets or create new live sets for you.

4. Hire Absolute Live to manage your Skype during your broadcast
If you already have a production studio and require a team to manage the Skype, you can hire one of our team members to arrive at your studio,  set up the unit,  test the feed and then be on-hand for the live show.

We have included the link below in order to help you understand all that can be accomplished with this powerful device.

If you would like to purchase the TalkShow, please feel free to contact us, and we help you with that solution as well.