Barco 3D Audio, Dreamworks & Teradek Bond

Absolute Live Productions, a live streaming production house in Burbank, live streamed Barco and Dreamworks Animation’s press announcement unveiling Barco’s Auro 11.1, 3D audio technology at The Grove Pacific Theaters in Los Angeles. Live streaming has quickly become the new paradigm in press announcements, transforming the traditionally intimate media gatherings where strategic news is bestowed upon a capable few for widespread release into instantaneous global broadcasts.

During the live stream announcement, Dreamworks Animation CEO, Jeffrey Katzenberg, lauded Barco’s 3D audio natural sound technology as a significant enhancement to the “immersion” experience for film audiences. Barco CEO Wim Buyen added, “We couldn’t be more honored that we share this solution with as important cinema pioneer as DreamWorks Animation.” The Barco Auro 11.1 media event was broadcast worldwide by Absolute Live Productions via the Ustream streaming platform.

“I have been working on re-recording mix stages for the last 20 years, I have never heard anything that sounds this good.” says Dave Rosen, CEO of Absolute Live Productions. Rosen continues, “When I sit in my seat and listen to the sound of a plane flying over head, if I shut my eyes, it is actually there. I am no longer sitting in the audience watching and hearing things from a distance, I am now in the movie.”

3D Audio BarcoAuro11
Re-recording mix stage
Our re-recording mix dub stage in Burbank

Absolute Live Productions was able to live stream the press event using their own high tech magic, a Teradek Bond unit. The Bond connects to the internet wirelessly using cellular bonding technology.  It was a necessary solution for streaming the Barco/Dreamworks press event from the Grove Theater because no hard wired internet connection was present. Absolute Live Productions has used the Teradek Bond for many events including red carpet streaming at the Emmy Awards and Academy Awards. People around the globe assigned to monitor the Barco/Dreamworks live stream reported the wireless system broadcast the Barco demo and the clip from “Rise of the Guardians” with excellent image and sound quality.

Absolute Live Productions (ALP) has been live streaming events and producing live stream shows since 2009. Based in Burbank, California ALP offers turnkey solutions for production, multi-camera live streams for social media and video-sharing platforms.

More information about Barco and the Auro 11.1 audio technology can be found at or