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Wing Commander & Absolute Live Productions

As of 11/11/18 this page is here as a legacy information page only.

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Wing Commander Live Stream

Every live stream that Absolute live productions produces is always different from the one before. The wing commander live stream is this statement on steroids. In the last year and a half Absolute Live Productions has produced, both football and the lacrosse games, plays, fights, spiritual performances, telethons, corporate meetings, concerts, recording studio performances as well as charity events.  When Absolute was asked to come in and live stream the development updates of legendary video game Wing Commander we were more then thrilled.  The game is both internationally known and played, and has a very focused and devoted fan base.  This particular live stream presented a number of unique challenges.  The live stream began in the conference room as a multi city conversation between the Los Angeles offices and the Austin Texas team.  We talked for an hour and then play a pre produced seven minute video live from the Newtek Tricaster 860,  After which we struck the cameras and lights in those seven minutes and prepared to return to live again in a upstairs location.  The mission was to connect four of the development computers through the AJA HDP2 HD/SD-SDI to DVI-D Video and Audio converter to the Tricaster 860,  The goal was to show actual game play of the still yet un released new game additions.  A quad spilt of all the computer outputs would allow the home viewer to watch all the screens simultaneously.  We  then switched between multi channel game play and live action.  Chris would walk around the game designers development bull pin while four key developers played the game.  There were questions texted in from the home viewers that was  read to Chris.  Chris would answer the questions as he walked through the room. It was a chance to walk behind the scenes of a booming gaming company and learn so much about how video games are made.