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Truckless Production Truck (TPT)

 Truckless Production Truck

Truckless Production trucks were developed to take television studios on the road to places that could not be reached by a truck.  In the early days of TPT,  the production companies would rely on  many individually racked equipment fly packs that would then be wired together through massive cable looms. They would design these systems that would still require the use of  massive delivery systems and detailed integrated logistics to coordinate the multitude of components required to design a mobile truck solution.   Although these systems were very effective for their time, they still presented the client with an expensive alternative to productions with ever shrinking budgets.

Although the world of live internet streaming began a number of years  before 2010, it was really in the early months of that year that we truly saw the world of live production change for ever.  This happened for a number of reasons. For one, Newtek’s Tricaster had emerged on the scene, bringing with it an extremely robust yet affordable solution to bringing multi camera video productions to an ever increasing client base.  When Newtek released their flagship product, the TriCaster 850, everything changed.  With 8 HD discrete camera inputs and the ability to get five digital media players and  to have  two DDRs, titles bin, stills store, and a sound player,  productions could now bring the production studio onto an airplane.

Companies like Absolute Rentals and Absolute Live Productions soon saw the advantage of offering a global solution to the ever increasing need to stream live content on the internet.  Absolute Live Productions built an integrated workflow that allowed them to travel to remote locations utilizing an equipment package that would travel with the crew on their flight.  This allows them the ability to keep costs at a minimum and still deliver a high quality professional product.  They use tools such as the Newtek 3 play which gives them the opportunity to use multi camera slow-motion for MMA fights, professional & amateur football and any other sporting event that wants to slow down the action for a closer look.  They have  also incorporated the Teradek Cube & Bond to bring live HD remote wireless cameras to an event when connecting a cable is simply not practical.

The crew at Absolute Live Productions feels that although there will always be a place for large production trucks and video fly packs, it is the smaller, but extremely effective live streaming packages that ALP will continue to bring to their client base.


Wikipedia – Truckless Production  Truck

Wikipedia definition of “Production Truck” is as follows, “ Television Production trucks were developed to take television studios on the road so video productions could be made at distant locations for a remote broadcast, outside broadcasting (OB), electronic field production (EFP) with multiple-camera setup and a support of a number of different technologies to bring everything together. Each production varies, some require a crew of about 12-16 to make sure the production goes smoothly. There are usually one or two other trucks following the main production truck with some of the equipment not able to fit in the main truck, as well as an uplink truck required to transmit the video across the world. ”


Now while this information is still accurate in many cases, Technology has shifted the paradigm to meet the demands of internet or small footprint production delivery requirement.  This new method of working is typically exemplified by having a much smaller crew and a remarkably reduced price point for the client.  In the end the viewer experience is often unchanged from that of a large format truck production.  So in this next paragraph we will attempt to give a first look at the new wikipedia description of ” The Truckless Production Truck”


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