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Traveling Heavily with Absolute Live Productions

The last couple of months we’ve been traveling heavily with Absolute Live Productions and Streaming for the Soul.   We’re carrying mountains of gear with us these days, we look like the Joads striking out for California when we pull away from Absolute Live Productions office in Burbank and head to the airport. Sai Maa has gotten us across both oceans in the last month with her Passion Tour and we’ve relied heavily on a couple of pieces of gear for our live stream productions of Sai Maa.

The first are our Canon C300 cameras. The C300s have been amazing on our Sai Maa Passion Tour productions. We love the adaptability of the camera because live events come loaded with surprise variables and The Passion Tour has been no exception.   The Canon C300s have been champs on all locations for us, especially when we find ourselves in low light situations.   One of our other recent productions in Sedona, Marco Missinato’s Unfolding Secrets concerts, turned out to be a great opportunity to take advantage of the Canon C300s beautiful image quality in low light and also motion imagery.

To really cut the C300 loose and get the full range of fun from the camera, we strapped some Teradek Bolt Pros to the C300s and let them roam the stage unencumbered.   The Teradek Bolt Pros have been an awesome match with the C300s because of the freedom of movement they’ve given our camera operators.   And using the Teradek Bolt Pro has been crucial working in crowded hotel ballrooms because one less cable for an audience member to trip over is a good thing, and not have to wrangle cable while trying to set up the right camera shot is also a good thing.


The C300 images from the Teradek Bolt Pro coming into the Tricaster have been beautiful.   We love being able to get the C300s off the sticks and roaming free. It exponentially increases the possible angles we can shoot so we have greater variety in our look.   The combination of the Canon C300 and the Teradek Bolt Pro has raised the bar on Absolute’s live streaming production while simplifying our lives by eliminating cabled connection to the Tricaster. In addition to Sai Maa’s Passion Tour and Marco Missinato’s Unfolding Secrets concert, we also had the Canon C300s on the road with us down in Orange County at Chapman University for the National Lacrosse finals, and on the roof tops of downtown LA for the EA release of their new video game, “Battleground” at this year’s E3 expo. We strapped a C300 to a jib and the roof top shots from downtown LA were amazing.   Using the Teradek Bolt Pro again, along with the jib, we were thrilled to be cable free, and even happier with the quality of the images coming off of the Bolt Pro.   It’s hard to imagine going back to SDI cabling after so many successful gigs using the Teradek Bolt Pro to wirelessly send our signal to the Tricaster.


After Sai Maa in Montreal, Philadelphia, Tokyo and Brussels, we just have one stop left on the Sai Maa Passion Tour.   Denver Colorado.   We’ll be live streaming with Sai Maa at the Westin Westminster August 9th and 10th.   We’ll be there with the C300s and Teradek Bolt Pros.   As far as we’re concerned at Absolute Live Productions and Streaming for the Soul, the Canon C300 and the Teradek Bolt Pro are a little like an America Express card – we don’t leave home without them.