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Cellular Bonding Systems

Cellular Bonding Systems
Cellular Bonding Systems When the Internet is not available for your show, cellular bonding is the next best thing.  Our bonding solutions can be rented with or without one of our expert technicians. AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile all pulling together to get you a solid reliable stream. We have successfully streamed with these systems from a ballpark in Seattle, a lake in central California, Cinerama Dome in Hollywood, a park in Vancouver and even the rain forest in Puerto Rico. Our Cellular Bonding Systems for rent include: TVU TM8200 Cellular Pack Teradek Bond Pep Wave (2 Card) Pep Wave (4 Card)Read more

Barco, Dreamworks & Teradek Bond

As of 11/11/18 this page is here as a legacy information page only. For current information please refer to either one of our main web sites:           Absolute Live Productions, a prolific live streaming production house in Burbank, live streamed Barco and Dreamworks Animation’s November 1 press announcement unveiling Barco’s Auro 11.1, 3D audio technology at The Grove Pacific Theaters in Los Angeles. Live streaming has quickly become the new paradigm in press announcements, transforming the traditionally intimate media gatherings where strategic news is bestowed upon a capable few for widespread release into instantaneous global broadcasts. During the live streamed announcement,

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