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Live Stream Crews

Live Stream Crews

Live Streams Crews Available For Your Production While most Brands, Ad Agencies, TV Companies and Sports Promoters think of Absolute Live Productions as the premier source for a large professional live streaming services, what many of these companies are just discovering is that ALP is so much more. “When you think of Absolute Live Productions think of a company that is designed around the ideal that a production company is only as good as its crew”, says Dave Rosen CEO of Absolute. Rosen continues, “This year has been an amazing year with the amount of support projects we have been part of.

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Production Crew Services

Production Crew Services
Production Crew If you need a production crew member for your production or live event then we have a candidate that is a perfect fit for your project. We have crew members located throughout the United States & Canada that are available for your live stream, video production, feature film or commercial. When we supply a crew member for your production, you will no longer have the headache of the confusing paperwork, the IRS,  DoL compliance. Absolute Live Productions assumes all responsibility for completing the necessary tax documentation, filing and workers comp compliance. All our production crew are paid through CAPS (a division of Cast & Crew).Read more

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