Absolute Live Productions

Skype In Celebrities, Fans & Experts

With our fleet of Newtek Talkshows, you will never be without an appropriate guest again.  If your guest has internet we can create a professional two way communication that will rival anything on professional television.  Now your guests can watch your entire broadcast through their own Skype computer and then easily begin their own contribution when their own on screen tally light glows red.  Our producers  audio side chain allows private direct communication to the guest.  In the rare event that the guests internet falls below the required bandwidth during the live stream, the Newtek Talkshow automatically switches the guests image to a pre ranged still image, allowing the audio to continue seamlessly.  Never again do does your producers or guests have to worry about that odd and embarrassing Skype freeze image. With Absolute Live Productions and the Newtek Talkshow, the possibilities are endless.

Remote on Camera Guests November 25, 2018