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Absolute Live Productions was established as a resource for Ad Agencies, PR Firms, Brands, Professional Sport Promoters, Educational Facilities, & Event Coordinators. Our goal is to simplify the process of live streaming, producing and encoding a professional multi camera live stream & webcast.

What is Live Streaming?

Absolute Live Productions, What is Live Streaming from Absolute Live Productions on Vimeo.


When ALP becomes part of your campaign, we integrate with your team through the entire pre-production, production & post-production process.

In addition to cameras, multi camera switchers, jibs, Steadicams and encoders , ALP can handle any combination of IMAG, sound reinforcement, videography, LED walls & lighting. We have mastered both the 9×16 and 16×9 production formats. Although we were primarily a Live Streaming Los Angeles based production company, many of our clients and staff are spread throughout the United States & Canada. We specialize in remote fly packs systems and often travel both domestically and internationally. In the past 10 years we have produced Live Streams in New York, San Francisco, Wyoming, Montreal, Miami, Las Vegas, San Diego, Portland, Kawaii and Acapulco to name a few.

Our team is comprised of seasoned television and broadcast professionals working to produce high-quality live streams for a diverse range of brands, advertising executives & venues.

Absolute Live Stream Productions offers professional production team ready to work with you, whatever your broadcast goals.

Live Streaming & Webcast Platforms

We have the ability to live stream multi camera switched content to multiple platforms most commonly, Facebook, Instagram, Twitch, Youtube as well as both  private and public  streams on company websites. Unique to Absolute is our ability to restart or delay individual live streams per platform independently of one another if required during the live production or broadcast.

Live Streaming & Webcast Technology

Over the same time, production equipment technology has evolved both in manufacture and sophistication.  This now allows HD, even UHD production and live stream transmission within very reasonable budgets.

Getting hooked up to a reliable Internet data feed can be challenging.  But with our Cellular Bonding solutions, multiple cell phone signals are combined, with any available ethernet or Wi-Fi connections to create a reliable connection suitable for HD video streams.

Live Stream & Webcast Productions

It has never been more realistic for any person, group, company, collective body to come together to produce high-quality visual media content and connect with a global audience.

There are so many niche markets out there waiting to be developed. So many opportunities to capture your share of a globally appreciative audience.

Live Graphics

9 X 16 is for Instagram Marketing from Absolute Live Productions on Vimeo.

With live streaming tending to parallel what we have all ways expected from network television and professional sports broadcasts,  the need for an integrated graphics solution has become a critical part of many projects.  While it is true that some live streaming switching systems offer an onboard graphics option, typically these switcher add-ons are on the simpler side of the scale and do not provide the robust flexibility that a professional project requires.

There are many graphics systems on the market today that all provide a wide range of delivering professionally created graphics.  Over the past few years, Absolute Live Productions has offered its graphics systems and operators for such shows as Rocket League, HearthStone & Clash Royal.

Absolute’s operators have experience with the Ross Expression, ChyronHego, NewTek’s LiveGraphics as well as our custom designed graphics servers.

When Absolute Live Productions is hired to produce the entire live stream or merely the graphic elements our first step is to debrief our client to understand the need of the specific project. It is at this time that we will  work through the details and learn if we are designing the entire graphics package from scratch, taking existing graphics and modifying them for a specific desired result or creating a playout of a complete pre rendered graphics package.

Below is an example of the 2018 work that our motion graphic team has completed.

2018 Motion Graphics Demo from Absolute Live Productions on Vimeo.

Newtek Talk Show – Live Skype In Celebrities, Fans & Experts

With our fleet of Newtek Talkshows, you will never be without an appropriate guest again. If your guest has internet we can create a professional two way communication that will rival anything on professional television. Now your guests can watch your entire broadcast through their own Skype computer and then easily begin their own contribution when their own on screen tally light glows red. Our producers audio side chain allows private direct communication to the guest. In the rare event that the guests internet falls below the required bandwidth during the live stream, the Newtek Talkshow automatically switches the guests image to a pre ranged still image, allowing the audio to continue seamlessly. Never again do does your producers or guests have to worry about that odd and embarrassing Skype freeze image. With Absolute Live Productions and the Newtek Talkshow, the possibilities are endless.


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Our Services Include:

Live Streaming Broadcast, Encode & Capture
Cellular Bonded Mobile Broadcast
Tricaster Switching / Capture Equipment & Rental Services
Jib & Steady Cam Operations
Web Site Design & Live Stream Integration
Integrated Live Chat Room & Survey Integration.
Traditional Television based commercials
Scripting and copy writing
Online web based branded content
Full Production Services i.e.: Video Wall, Imag, Sound Reinforcement, Lighting
Camera Package Rentals
360 Camera Rigs, 360 Live Streaming
Slo-Motion & Replay Services
Production Sound Capture
Jib & Steady Cam Operations
Production & Filming Lighting Systems

Our Credits – Showcase

Corporate Side:

Amazon Escape Room – Live from Comicon
Tomb Raider 20th Anniversary
DC Comics DC Universe REBIRTH at Wondercon 2016
Toyota’s Camry product launch live stream from Paramount Studios
CES 2017
Toshiba Medical’s corporate retreat
Sprint Mobile / Nascar’s helicopter live promotion
Avid – Workflow review at JJ Abrams’ Bad Robot Studios for the release of Star Trek: Into Darkness.
Avid N.A.B Launch of “Avid Everywhere”
The Lacrosse Network
Fox Sports Live
Ogilvy Public Relations (Live Stream For California Covered)
Screen Actors Guild – Merger Announcement
Cloud Imperium Games

Live Web TV:

Talking Thrones 8 Episodes (Official Game of Thrones Post Show)
Digital Trends C.E.S. 2017
Fox Sports – Sports Talk Show (Live From Hard Rock Vegas Rehab)
Debate Your Fate
Game Show Network

Non Profit & Government Live Events:

Los Angeles Mayor Inauguration2017 & State of the City 2018
LA2024 Kobe Bryant / Al Michaels interview at Rosebowl
LA2024 Rose Parade Float Live Stream
Red Cross (House of Blues )
Salvation Army (Universal – Rock the Red Kettle)
1736 Family Crises Center
One Billion Rising (Hawaii Location)
Sierra Club (with Al Gore & Major Villaraigosa)

Concerts Include:

John Spicer (Live From Capitol Records)
Cat Stevens
One Direction
Stevie Wonder
Black Eyed Peas
Snoop Dogg
50 Cent,
Faith Evans
Colbie Caillat
Earth Wind & Fire
Cypress Hill
Pepe Aguilar & The USC Marching Band
Cloud Imperium Games (Pre-release unveiling of Star Citizen Pax East)

Sports or Sports Shows & ESports:

Mayweather – Mcgregor Press Conference Las Vegas 2017
Showtime & Facebook – Triston Eaton Art Creation Give Away (Mayweather – Mcgregor Pre Fight Poster)
2017 Yonex U.S. Open Badminton Championships
Fox Sports – Sports Talk Show (Live From Hard Rock Vegas Rehab)
Push Kick Productions Muay Thai Live.
MMA Event Las Vegas
MCLA National Lacrosse Tournament

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