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Cellular Bonding

Cellular Bonding – A cost-effective solution for 1080p HD Video Streams

Cellular Bonding has brought live news and live event broadcasting into a small, lightweight and cost-effective package. The TVUPack, TVU One and Teradek Bond are just some of the many solutions available for hire.

It is now possible to broadcast or stream live 1080p HD video from almost any location, if you are within reach of the cell networks.

How does Cellular Bonding work?

Cellular Bonding technology makes use of two clever tricks to achieve reliable 1080p HD Video streams.

  • The ability to combine the data bandwidth from several wireless carriers and their cell towers.  Some routers will even incorporate all or any other internet connections available, including ethernet, WiFi signals, etc.
  • The ability to compress and encode the video in real time for transmission and decoding at some remote server.

The obvious immediate applications were for mobile Live News Broadcast crews.  Satellite and microwave vans are considerably more expensive to equip and operate.  And the compact size of the hardware involved also allowed News Teams greater mobility and access.

At Absolute Live Productions, one our favorite solutions is the TVUOne or TVUPack.  These record and transmit live 1080p HD Video using up to 12 registered SIM cards.

Our Pepwave Router aggregates all available WiFi, Ethernet and Cellular connections.

And our solutions include the ability to create a WiFi Hotspot for your event or for private access by select people at an event.

Cellular Bonding January 20, 2016