Rent TC1

NewTek Tricaster Rental

Over the past many years, Absolute Live Productions has grown to be one of the world leaders in the Newtek TriCaster product line. Our systems range from the TriCaster 300 all the way up to the advanced edition TriCaster 8000 & Tricaster TC1. Our clients have not only come to rely on us for our equipment rentals they have also successfully trusted our team of TriCaster operators with their live streamed events. When your production needs includes a TriCaster rental then look no further then the team at Absolute Live Productions

We have performed live stream services for such location and events as:
YouTube Space
Sunset Music Festival
Nokia (Cat Stevens)
and much more

Newtek TriCaster Inventory

    $1,100 a day or $3,300

  • Newtek NC1
  • Newtek Connect Spark
  • Tricaster 8000
  • Tricaster 8000 Advanced Edition
  • Tricaster 860
  • Tricaster Advanced Edition
  • Tricaster 455 & 460
  • Tricaster 460 Advanced Edition
  • Tricaster Mini
  • Tricaster 300

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