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Hertz – Good Service Should Be Noticed

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A recent letter following a Boston production experience.


Dear Hertz,

My name is Dave Rosen; I am the CEO of Absolute Live Productions, ALP is a multi-camera live streaming company located in Burbank California. Our business takes us all around the United States and the world creating large form professional live streams for corporations, agencies, and pr firms. This past week we were in Boston Mass to assist in the technology portion of commercial production on behalf of Jet Blue. We needed a large vehicle to transport three passengers and the ten large bags housing our production equipment. Before we arrived we made a reservation with Hertz.  Once we arrived in Boston, you upgraded our minivan (Too Small) to a GMC Yukon. The switch from the van we booked and the larger vehicle only took a few moments. There was a satellite office in the garage, so we did not need to go back up the escalators to make the switch. This was shockingly fast and painless. When we explained to your employee that it was imperative that we get to the South West Cargo counter to pick up our equipment before 12:00 AM, he switched into fast gear, Our need to retrieve our equipment instantly became as vital to him as it was for us. We made our pick up on time thanks to your employees. With our early call time, this made our tech set up day much easier than going back to the airport.

When the production needed to source a rental truck with a window that opened in the back as a camera chase car, the asked if they could use mine. I agreed, and the plan was laid out. As we got closer to the filming time, we realized that it is was best for Matt the first Assistant Director to drive instead of me. I was in charge of supervision of a National feed of intercoms, cameras, and screens. Leaving set was not an option. Our issue suddenly became about how to add a driver to my vehicle. I called Hertz, they answered on the 6th ring. I informed them that we were in Copley Park and that we needed to add another driver. They continued that the Westin across the street had an office in the lobby. It took us 5 minutes to walk over and get the transaction completed. There was no additional upcharge to add the driver, they did not need to see the vehicle, and we returned to set in about 10 minutes. Needless to say, the smooth ride of the Yukon and the size of the back of the vehicle made a perfect camera platform. The crew loaded the Alexa into the truck and off they went.

NOTE: This next segment was written first. It was only when I was proofreading that I reflected on my entire Hertz experience to realize they not only serviced us well on one occasion, the whole experience should be commended.

The girl that assisted us in customer service upon our return was nothing short of amazing. I returned the car to the Boston Logan airport, and it was around 12:00 pm give or take some. In a world where customer service has all but gone out the window, she was fantastic. My issues could have gone either way and my satisfaction in the end as well. It is not just that I was happy with the real resolve, it was the way she handled the issue and the fact she was listening and cared that made the difference. There are often situations that even though the outcome is to the customers desired satisfaction, the experience in getting a resolve is frustrating and takes the attitude “the customer is always wrong.” If the result had not been to my pleasure, I might have permanently left Hertz and not given them a shot at my business for years. If the end had been to my financial satisfaction and the customer service rep did the condescending job with the typical, “I hate you Mr./Mrs. Customer” attitude that is often given I might still leave Hertz just because the customer service rep was either poorly trained or in the wrong position. I often witness, not only in my transactions but with many other customers as well, sometimes I feel that this is the current state of the service industry. At times, I ease drop the communications with the customer/customer service rep at companies when I witness these indiscretions. As a person routed both privately and professionally in documentary filmmaking, I enjoy being a neutral party to life situations and value the lessons that are learned by each encounter. It is hard to judge a situation when you are the complaining party. It is effortless to understand who is at fault when you have absolutely no involvement other than a third party. So in closing, I would strongly like to commend your Boston based employee for being the reason that you not only have earned all of my business, I will be insisting on Hertz for all of my employees and clients. It is apparently not just her the individual that did a great job; it is a tribute to her training, her management and the Hertz policy that allows the employee to make vital and critical decisions in real time. I will post this on my FB, Yelp, and any other location to assist in showing the world, or at least my sphere of influence that a good job should always be rewarded as much if not more then a bad situation should be condemned. Keep up the excellent work Hertz.


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