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Flying Footage for your next production

As many people already know, a production company is only as good as its  most creative shots.  The home viewing audience is more educated now than ever, they expect a greater level of production for their viewing experience.

Aerial Video from Absolute Live Productions on Vimeo.

 That is the very core reason why the Absolute Live Productions team is always looking to provide additional footage, graphics, angles, and slo-motion that makes one of our 

productions stand out from the rest.  With all this in mind we are pleased to  announce the addition of remote control helicopters to our live productions. We have teamed up with a helicopter pilot that has 44 years of remote control helicopter experience.  Our birds have gimbals on them to allow for multiple angles and streaming from your remote camera platform in the sky.  Enjoy the demo clip above:

So whether you need an entire production package. or simply would like to add helicopter shots to your next project feel free to call us so we can get you a price quote.