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Absolute Live Productions at The Roxy Theater for Falling In Reverse

The Absolute Live Productions team was on hand @ the Roxy for the live stream “Falling in Reverse”.   The band  is an American post-hardcore group formed in 2006, signed to Epitaph Records. The band is led by lead singer Ronnie Radke, along with guitarist Jacky Vincent, drummer Ryan Seaman, rhythm guitarist Derek Jones, and bassist Ron Ficarro. The performance was well received by all of the fans in the audience that night as well as their live stream audience located throughout the world.

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The Live stream crew take a moment away from their set up to pose for this picture.  Needless to say,  this was one of the only times we had to rest this day.  When you produce a multi camera live stream event it is “go time” from the second the alarm clock goes off at home,  to the last seconds of the final piece of equipment being returned to the shelves of the production company.  It is truly the hardest work we have ever done and we would not trade a minute of it for anything in the world.

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These are the final moments of anticipation before the club doors open.  15 minutes after this shot was taken the doors to the Roxy were opened and throngs of screaming fans poured in to the empty club.  These are the moments you realize, tonight is going to be another great live streaming experience.

Final Checks before the show, double checking the internet for the stream, the crew, the clients,  the graphics.  All is good.

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The band worked the cameras and the stage for an energetic and fast paced show for their fans worldwide.

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