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360 Live Streaming

360 Live Streaming

Absolute Live is excited to add Live 360 Streaming and Cellular Streaming solutions to your production options.

Using the Teradek Sphere, it is now possible to live stream 360 content and update the image stitching in real time.

Camera rigs available include GoPro 360, Nokia OZO and the Jaunt Camera.

Cellular 360 Live Streaming

With our Cellular Bonded Solutions, we can also offer 360 Live Streaming even in locations where there no internet is available.

  • July 7, 1936 – NBC/RCA First Television Broadcast
  • Oct 14, 1947 – Chuck Yeager broke the sound barrier
  • July 20, 1969 – Neil Armstrong walked on the moon
  • May 25, 1977 – Star Wars is released and changes film making forever
  • Dec 13 2016 – Facebook Launches the first ever 360 live stream

Although many people did not see or even know about the National Geographic 360 live stream Mars replica it is as significant as any other major culture changing event that has come before it.

2017 will prove itself as the year when 360 Facebook Live Streams became the driving force for Corporations, Brands, Pr Firms and everyone else that wants to share a virtual reality experience to the world.

Absolute Live Productions has already made the commitment as well as the investment to become one of the leaders in this new emerging technology.

Jaunt Camera
360 GoPro Rig
Nokia OZO Professional VR Camera

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360 Live Streaming December 7, 2016