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Monthly archive for January 2014

Flying Footage for your next production

As many people already know, a production company is only as good as its  most creative shots.  The home viewing audience is more educated now than ever, they expect a greater level of production for their viewing experience. Aerial Video from Absolute Live Productions on Vimeo.  That is the very core reason why the Absolute Live Productions team is always looking to provide additional footage, graphics, angles, and slo-motion that makes one of our  productions stand out from the rest.  With all this in mind we are pleased to  announce the addition of remote control helicopters to our live productions.

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When hiring a sports camera person, consider a creative writer, the story about the game might just be better then the game itself

When Absolute Live Productions got the call to Live Stream the high school all-star football game in Southern California, needless to say  we were more than excited.  The team at Absolute Live Productions loves producing & live streaming sporting events. We had not produced football live stream  in a number months.  live streaming sporting events offer a number of fun challenges, such as, multi-camera switching, 3 play slow-motion replay, special microphones for play-by-play and color commentary, graphics, lower thirds, Live Text etc.  When asked to Live Stream this football game, we were informed that the budget only accounted for 2

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Multi camera live streaming in multi language.

Absolute Live Productions is proud to announce its newest addition to its live streaming service, multi language. If your audience base is all over the globe or simply from a diverse ethnic make up. ALP has a solution. The following is a list of ideas of how to use our multi lingual live stream simulcast services Professional fight – ALP cab offer a simultaneous live stream of the play by play or color of the fight. This would be on a second live stream web Chanel. Press Conference – many times it is important for a press conference to reach

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ALP Launches Memorial Broadcast Services

Absolute Live Productions “Memorial Broadcast Services”  understands the importance of sharing these times with friends, family, and loved ones. While some of our beloved have the opportunity to travel to attend a memorial service, many of those effected by the loss of a loved one simply cannot. This is the very reason ALP has developed MBS.  Memorial Broadcast Services has become the premiere source of web broadcast for funerals and memorials. We utilize the latest technology in order to bring all of the words, feelings, and emotions to family and loved ones around the world. In addition to broadcasting live

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Wing Commander & Absolute Live Productions

Wing Commander Live Stream Every live stream that Absolute live productions produces is always different from the one before. The wing commander live stream is this statement on steroids. In the last year and a half Absolute Live Productions has produced, both football and the lacrosse games, plays, fights, spiritual performances, telethons, corporate meetings, concerts, recording studio performances as well as charity events.  When Absolute was asked to come in and live stream the development updates of legendary video game Wing Commander we were more then thrilled.  The game is both internationally known and played, and has a very focused

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