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Monthly archive for August 2012

Excerpt from Blog with Dave Rosen re- Live Streaming

Very well said Patrick. When one of our producer’s consults with a potential client the first thing that they do is find out what the live stream is for, who the audience is, and what the end goal is for the client. All professional production companies should be able to help their client with ideas to turn a basic event into an online experience that can rival traditional television. They should go over important details such as graphics, talent, script, lighting (both inside and outside events) and as you stated sound checks and dress rehearsals. When producing a live event

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In Live Streaming, 14 viewers might be better then 100,000 viewers

There are many different factors to consider when planning to do a live stream. The first questions I will always ask the client are, “What is the goal of the live stream, who is the audience and what do you consider to be a successful live stream? We have produced projects with audiences of over 100,000 that were considered a modest turn out, while we have also worked on projects that only attracted 700 people and that was considered a huge success. The difference and variation in the importance of the numbers is who the viewers are. The project I’m referring to

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“Viva Vampira- A Celebration of Gothic Femininity: Extended by Popular Demand”

“Viva Vampira- A Celebration of Gothic Femininity: Extended by Popular Demand” By Vanessa Haney (August 02, 2012) Jonny Coffin and Kat Von D were thrilled by the out pouring of support and interest in their Vampira exhibit which recently was extended by popular demand. On June 15 th 2012, Absolute Live Productions had the privilege to work with Jonny Coffin and Kat Von D on “Viva Vampira” the opening of an art gallery dedicated to the late horror hostess. The event was held at Kat Von D’s Wonderland and allowed guests a peek at the private and public life of

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