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Social Media Live Streaming

Social Media Live Streaming

There are many social media options to consider when preparing to produce a live stream.  Each of these are opportunities to engage your fan base directly as well as ad them as active participants in your live stream project.   Below we will give examples as to methods of bringing Social media into your event.

Displaying Twitter feeds on your live stream

One of the most exciting parts of live streaming an event is the instant acknowledgment of the viewer.  Nothing completes this like the on screen Twitter feed.   When the host or guest engages the home viewer by addressing their individual Tweeted, question or statement with an  audible live comment, the momentum of live tweets escalate exponentially.  With each Tweet read on air, more & more fan engagement is instantly realized.   Our twitter streaming equipment allows the Live Twitter operator (LTO) to moderate every incoming Tweet.  Nothing ends up on the screen until your chosen social media director approves the tweet.   During a show we have the ability to subscribe to up to three # tags at the same time or a combination of up to three # tags and @ symbols.   Needless to say, this is not only a huge fan favorite, brands, Pr firms & ad agencies love the instant gratification of a well place tweet in the middle of a live production.

Instant Video Clips for Press Releases & Youtube

There are so many outlets for the consumer to spend their expendable time that there is really on a very short window in which we can grab their attention and engage them with new exciting information.  It is with this in mind that the team at Absolute Live Productions has perfected a system of pulling the hottest clips at the best moments and prepare them for the social media posting only seconds after they were streamed live.  Gone are the days that your social media manager would need to wait until hours after the live event to start posting the clips.  Your Instagram post will be as real time as the event is live.  Your PR firm can get started on its Press Releases hours before the end of their show.

Skype In Celebrities, Fans & Experts

With our fleet of Newtek Talkshows, you will never be without an appropriate guest again.  If your guest has internet we can create a professional two way communication that will rival anything on professional television.  Now your guests can watch your entire broadcast through their own Skype computer and then easily begin their own contribution when their own on screen tally light glows red.  Our producers  audio side chain allows private direct communication to the guest.  In the rare event that the guests internet falls below the required bandwidth during the live stream, the Newtek Talkshow automatically switches the guests image to a pre ranged still image, allowing the audio to continue seamlessly.  Never again do does your producers or guests have to worry about that odd and embarrassing Skype freeze image. With Absolute Live Productions and the Newtek Talkshow, the possibilities are endless.

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